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We are currently not accepting Assumed Name Notices.

Please don't place an Assumed Name Notice at this time.


Posted May 24, 2022



Need to publish an Assumed Name Notice in Coles County? We'd love to help with that. There are three ways can you submit them to us.

Option 1: Submit online -- $52.25 (includes credit card fee)

You must:

1. Pay for your notice with a credit card using one of the following payment options.

2. Email a photo/scan of your "Assumed Name Notice Publication" certificate to

Option 2: Send via USPS -- $50.00

You must:

1. Mail a $50 check or money order to Oakland Independent, P.O. Box 346, Oakland, IL 61943.

2. With your payment, include the certificate you received from the Coles County clerk.

Option 3: Drop off at our office -- $50.00

You must:

1. Drop off a check, money order or cash payment at our office at 26 E. Main St., Oakland, IL. Important: If you want to make sure we will be in the office, please call 217-346-2050 to make an appointment. Otherwise, feel free to use the secure drop box by the office door.

2. With your payment, include the certificate you received from the Coles County clerk.

What happens next: Your notice will be published in three consecutive issues (once a week for three weeks). After the final publication, we will mail you the Certificate of Publication you need to take to the Coles County clerk.


Sales receipts: If you pay online, please print a sales receipt for your records. If you pay via mail or at the office, we'll send you a printed receipt when we send your Certificate of Publication.

Questions? Please email us or call 217-346-2050.